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June 2017


Paradise Motor Homes

'A very sound business'

Paradise RV manufacturer reassures its customers

By Dennis Amor
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AWARD-winning RV manufacturer Paradise Motor Homes, which has hauled itself out of receivership, is a still "a very sound business", according to its new owners.

The Gold Coast-based motorhome and caravan builder, founded in 2002, closed its doors in March after running into difficulties but was bought by a group of private investors ‒ including shareholders of the secured creditor ‒ last month.

In a recent letter to its "loyal customers", PMH Manufacturing managing director Shannon Burford said "fresh direction and vision" had now been brought to the company.

"Without the unwavering support of the staff, suppliers and customers it would not have been possible to get the business back on its feet again," he told them.

"From the moment the business was facing difficulty everyone's primary concern was not for their future but for the completion of the respective customerís builds.

"It has been an honour to work with the staff and suppliers to not only complete and deliver customers' vehicles but to continue taking orders and commence new builds.

"We owe a great debt of gratitude to our staff, our suppliers who have worked with us and to the ongoing support of our loyal customers.

"We thank you all and look forward to working with you."

Senior management are no longer with the company, but key production, purchasing, sales and administration managers have all been retained.

"During the receivership, we welcomed back around 90 percent of production staff," Mr Burford explained.

"We are now employing new staff in addition to those pre-existing and our staffing levels are approaching higher than previous owners.

"Their commitment to the customers and to the product is second to none. Without their support the continued operation of the business would never have been possible."

He said the recent setbacks were not based on the commerciality of the underlying business.

"That being said, we have plans for process improvement and expansion of production capacity and we are looking into product improvement, design and innovation with a view to improving what is already arguably the best motorhome range on the market."

The company was committed to maintaining the high standard of luxury and safety that customers had come to expect from the brand.

Rebuilding the service and warranty department had already begun and all valid warranty work would be honoured for current and former builds.


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