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July 2019


Police photo taken inside Potter's tent

Police photo taken inside Potter's tent

Camps Australia Wide 'bible' found in tent

Caravanners urged to help in hunt for killer

By Dennis Amor
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CARAVANNERS could play a major part in the capture of Australia's most wanted criminal.

They have been urged to keep an eye out for fugitive Graham Gene Potter who is known to have a liking for caravan parks.

Now aged 61 and with a $100,000 reward on his head, he has been on the run for nearly a decade after abandoning his camping site at a Tully caravan park in north Queensland.

He failed to appear at Melbourne Magistrate's Court in 2010 to face criminal charges of conspiracy to murder.

He is also wanted in relation to serious Commonwealth drug charges.

Caravan parks throughout Australia were put on alert as the huge manhunt continued.

"Potter is known to live in rental homes and caravan parks, and has the ability to camp out," Victoria's Detective Leading Senior Constable Brendan Finn from the Fugitive Taskforce said in a newly released statement.

"All this means he's very comfortable laying low in remote and regional areas, so we really urge people in those locations and industries to continue to keep a look out for him."

Detectives has also released never-before-seen photos taken inside Potter's tent at the Tully caravan park.

One of them includes the then fifth edition of Camps Australia Wide, regarded as the caravanners' bible to budget camping grounds and caravan parks.

Thousands of grey nomads from the southern states are currently criss-crossing remote areas during their annual migration north in search of winter sunshine.

They have been urged to be on the alert and report any possible sightings to police. Do not approach him but contact triple zero (000) immediately.

A number of images of Potter has been released and he has been seen with a ginger beard and dyed brown hair to avoid detection.

Det LSC Finn said the fugitive, who bludgeoned a woman to death before cutting off her head and fingers, had developed skills and habits to help him evade capture.

He is known to disguise himself using hair colour, wigs and fat suits, he said.

Potter is described as Caucasian, 175cm tall, medium to solid build, fair complexion, brown eyes, brown greying hair and a ginger beard.

He sometimes wore a gold sleeper earring in both ears, glasses and a gold chain around his neck.

Aliases include Josh Lawson, John Page, Jim Henderson and Peter Adams.


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