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Lifestyle no signs of slowing down

Caravanning still the preferred holiday

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THE recent Let's Go Queensland Caravan and Outdoor Show indicated that caravanning is still the preferred holiday of choice for many Aussies.

Organisers Caravanning Queensland said the four-day event showed that the lifestyle showed no signs of slowing down, with more than 15,000 enthusiasts attending.

Thousands of RVs and products were sold during the exhibition, which showcased over six hundred recreational vehicles with a combined value of more than $36 million.

With ongoing consistent sales and consumer demand, the caravan industry in Queensland also continues to experience strong interest across the board, from manufacturers and dealers right through to parks and local tourism.

Caravanning Queensland trade chief executive Jason Plant, pictured, revealed that an estimated $45 million in sales was achieved during the expo.

"Positively for our industry, domestic travel is still the preferred holiday of choice for Australians due largely to the increasing costs associated with international travel," he said.

"We are expecting the next 12 to 18 months to continue to be strong for the sector, with many of our dealers and manufacturers pleased with the sales resulting from this year’s show."

With the growing trend of off-grid and extreme caravan customisations, the show was the prime spot for dealers to release their new 2022 models and advanced tech.

Principal dealer of Pickering Caravans and junior vice president of Caravanning Queensland Ben Menzies said they could not think of a better time to showcase the launch of their first all-electric carbon neutral caravan.

"Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing interest in highly sustainable, family adventure 'vans that can go off-grid for a significant amount of time without compromising on comfort or luxury," he said.

"Many consumers using Tesla batteries in their home are really interested in a caravan with a carbon neutral footprint which gives them freedom and flexibility to disappear off-grid, and only rely on sun and water supply – and this was certainly a big feature of interest at the show."

The show also welcomed appearances from VANbassadors 4 Boys and a Caravan, giving visitors the chance to meet some of their favourite caravan and camping influencers and learn how to master the van-life, home schooling and making money on the road.

Mr Plant said the weight and towing masterclasses continued to be an important and popular seminar with Queensland travellers.

"The 'how to load your van' classes proved to be the most popular seminar, offering positive indications that travellers are putting safety top of mind when it comes to their vehicles and holidays," he said.


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