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Cutting edge technology gives peace of mind

New ProSmart eases remote travels

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BMPRO’s revolutionary new product will allow caravanners to venture off-grid without worrying about water, gas or battery management.

Its new ProSmart is being hailed as the company's latest-designed future proof system to help monitor RV functions all in the palm of their hands.

BMPRO said the ProSmart reduced risks of any potential issues while travelling off the beaten path.

"Individuals are able to travel with the help of accurate readings and measurements of their vehicle functions regardless of their knowledge in the area; receiving all their ‘need to knows’ with the mere click of a button," it explained.

"This opens the market up to a broader audience, including individuals who may enjoy travelling but are apprehensive to take risks due to being disadvantaged such as the elderly."

Brand ambassador David Bayliss said the company's ability to design and incorporate cutting edge technology was seeing a shift in how people explored the great Australian outdoors.

"Brands like BMPRO allow anyone, new caravanner or seasoned, young or old to upgrade and manage their 'van like never before, enabling them to venture further off-grid," he said.

ProSmart includes a user-friendly app that enables individuals to monitor a wide variety of RV functions such as tyre pressure, gas levels, temperature, water levels and battery status.

It can then be paired with up to 40 SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors, connect up to four water tanks, a 12V battery and a wired temperature sensor to monitor vital parameters all at your fingertips.

However, ProSmart kit only included a limited number of sensors which was not sufficient for the users of larger caravans.

"We believe that good business lies in listening to customers' feedback and working with them to develop the best possible products," BMPRO chief executive Louise Bayliss said.

"With a fifty-year history in the industry, we are committed to continuing our legacy of customer care and service."

Staying true to its founding principles, BMPRO's ProSmart (plus free app) will now be offered in a Premium version to cater for the owners of larger, four-wheeled RVs that have both a fridge and freezer installed, and additional gas bottles for extra comfort during off-grid travels.

ProSmart Premium is packaged for travellers of all levels of experience and includes the SmartLink node, two gas bottle sensors, four tyre pressure monitors, two temperature Bluetooth sensors, one wired temperature sensor and a 12V battery cable.

It is able to be set up in minutes, making it the perfect match for larger RVs.

"The idea that camping is a traditional hobby is becoming a thing of the past," Mr Bayliss said.

"Technology adoption in the adventure industry is about as fast as anywhere else, making your adventures more accessible than ever."


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