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July 2017


Gruesome photo from Helen's scrapbook

Gruesome photo from Helen's scrapbook

Python devours kangaroo

Snakes alive - Helen's scrapbook tells all!

By Dennis Amor
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HELEN Smart is reliving the day she found a five-metre python swallowing a kangaroo behind her caravan.

She is busy putting together a scrapbook detailing her experience at a Cooktown caravan park in far north Queensland.

Her story made world headlines after she posted a gruesome two-minute video on You Tube showing the five-metre amethystine python, Australia's largest species of snake, tucking into its early morning marsupial meal. It has attracted nearly 135,000 views.

"It was a truly amazing to see nature up close and at its best," Helen told Caravanning News while working on her unusual scrapbook story.

"I'm now collecting material of that amazing adventure we had."

Helen recalled how she had been travelling with friends in three other caravans but never imagined what they were about to experience.

"My hubby got up in the morning and saw this big bulk at the back of our caravans," she explained.

"Then it moved and he realised it was a scrub python devouring a kangaroo.

"I must admit I was a bit reluctant to get too close but when I realised it was too busy eating to worry about us, I videoed it."

During her running commentary Helen says: "Just found this snake at the back of the caravan, and I'm whispering because you can see it's eating a kangaroo.

"Oh my gawd, it's so big. It's humungous.

"Can't believe it's at the back of the caravan. Poor little kangaroo, you can see its legs sticking out.

"The snake is constricting as it swallows the kangaroo. It is an amazing sight."

To view the video, click here.


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