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August 2016


Solar panels add extra weight to a caravan, warns RACQ

Solar panels add extra weight to a caravan

Motoring club issues warning

Modifications could invalidate insurance

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OWNERS who modify their caravans could invalidate their insurance, a motoring club has warned.

"If you are in an accident, one of the first things an insurance company will do is inspect the 'van for any modifications that could affect its handling," the RACQ said.

"If the weight is above the ATM stamped on the compliance plate, they may consider there are grounds for not paying out any insurance."

Changes such as adding gas bottles, a portable fridge, new water filter, air-conditioner and solar panels often added weight to a caravan and could create serious safety risks by affecting brakes, tyres and suspension.

"Responsible caravan owners will be aware there are legal steps to take to register your caravan and have it declared roadworthy," the club said.

"Any modifications you make to your caravan have the potential to undermine these initial assessments if they are not carried out with caution."

The RACQ recommended that owners check with their caravan's manufacturer or a structural engineer before carrying out any changes to their RV.


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