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February 2017


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ADVENTURE-seeking travellers continue to smash caravanning and camping records.

Latest visitor numbers released by Tourism Research Australia again show unprecedented growth in caravan and camping holidays taken by Australians.

The year ending September 2016 recorded the highest overall visitor nights and record annual growth since data was first collected in 1998, clocking 11.78 million nights and 13 percent growth on the previous year.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont was not surprised, saying that Australians loved the great outdoors.

"A caravanning and camping holiday offers a huge range of experiences for every kind of traveller, whatever their age and preferred level of luxury," he explained.

"Getting out into regional areas, where 90 percent of trips occur, also seems to appeal to the adventurous Australian spirit."

He said Aussies had  always loved the laid back and outdoor style of holidaying.

'It's the younger generations who are behind the resurgence'

The latest figures show it's the younger generations who are behind the resurgence in popularity.

Travellers aged between 30 and 54 make up 46 percent of all Australian caravanners and campers, well ahead of those 55 years and over, who make up 29 percent of the market.

Those in the 20 to 29-year group are also keen caravanners and campers, representing 18 percent of the market.

The grey nomads have by no means given up their place in caravanning culture though.

They still travel for longer periods of time and account for 43 percent of caravan and camping nights, showing a 19 percent growth on the previous year.

However, the 30 to 54-year-olds are not too far behind, making up 40 percent of visitor nights and showing 20 percent growth on the previous year.

Caravanners and campers are all about pleasure travel, with 81 percent travelling for the primary purpose of a holiday.

The northern states enjoyed a larger annual migration of caravanners over the winter months last year.

But the interesting thing about the record-breaking numbers is that the southern states also experienced significant growth during the colder months.

It seems today's caravanners and campers are keen to experience all Australia in all its seasons.


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