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October 2017


'Camping has been a key point of interest'

Congested campsites highlighted in
draft River Red Gum

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THE vexed problem of overcrowded campsites was highlighted at consultations on a River Red Gum Draft Management Plan, Parks Victoria has revealed.

But it said free, dispersed camping would continue as the main form of camping in the River Red Gum parks, while the plan proposes that crowded campsites at Wills Bend, Stantons Bend and Farley Bend could have facilities upgraded together with a booking and fee system so visitors could better secure a spot.

"It's great to see people taking an interest in this draft plan, which aims to protect and enhance the River Red Gum landscape, while encouraging recreation and tourism," Parks Victoria regional director Craig Stubbings said.

"Camping has been a key point of interest, with concern about the impact of overcrowding and what that means for being able to secure a spot.

“Free camping will continue to be the main form of camping, but with more and more people visiting our outdoors spaces it's critical people only camp where it's appropriate and without damaging the environment or important cultural sites."

With overcrowding at some campsites impacting local communities, cultural sites, tourism and the environment, the draft plan has also proposed a clearer definition of some boundaries.

At consultation sessions in Cobram, Echuca, Shepparton and Mildura, Parks Victoria staff also explained that there was no change proposed to the areas currently permitted for boating or fishing.

Following strong recent interest in the draft plan, the closing date for public submissions has been extended by two weeks to October 14.

The River Red Gum Parks Draft Management Plan is being developed to guide the protection of much of Victoria's River Red Gum floodplain parks, reserves and wetlands, and the management of the area’s environment, cultural sites, tourism and recreation.

A final plan is expected to be released next year.


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