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JULY 2021


Biggest legislative change for over 30 years

New regulations outlaw self  certification for caravans

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NEW laws will bring an end to the controversial practice of caravan manufacturers being able to certify their own newly-built RVs.

Road Vehicle Standards legislation introduced on July 1 has replaced the existing Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and is the biggest legislative change the industry has seen in over 30 years.

It means Australian manufacturers and importers will now have to get their vehicles checked by an external authority.

The new caravans and camper trailers will then be recorded on the online Register of Approved Vehicles otherwise they will not be able to be registered by state transport authorities.

Manufacturers have been given a 12-month transitional period to give them time to adjust.

Self certification has for years been highly criticised and blamed for what dissatisfied buyers labelled as 'lemons'.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia said the new laws would streamline regulation and ensure RVs met the high safety standards Australians "expected and deserved".

The association said the new rules would improve the safety and compliance of RVs being manufactured and arm federal government regulators with greater enforcement powers to help stamp out non-compliant and unsafe recreational vehicles.

To support applications under the new laws, a new portal the Road Vehicle Regulator will act as a comprehensive access point for manufacturers and importers seeking approvals.


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