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September 2016


Families rejuvenating caravan parks

More families choosing to caravan or  camp

'New and exciting rejuvenation stage'

Young families revitalise
caravan park industry

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FAMILIES are reviving Australia's caravan park industry, according to new research.

A Tourism Research Australia (RTA) study shows the industry ‒ a part of Australian culture since the 1930s ‒ is entering a new and exciting rejuvenation stage, with more and more families choosing to caravan or camp.

While active retirees doing the 'Big Lap' have become synonymous with the caravanning and camping lifestyle, young families make up the bulk of this market.

Figures show that about 45 percent of all domestic caravan and camping visitors are aged between 30 and 54, with people aged 55 years and over making up 28 percent of visitors.

"Given that some 85 percent of Australians have visited a caravan holiday park in their life, it would seem that the next generations are recreating fond childhood memories with their own young families now," RTA said.

Caravan and camping has long been the holiday of choice for families, partly because of its affordability and the 'bang for buck' facilities and services provided at caravan holiday parks.

But this type of holiday has proven popular for Australians of all income levels, with a consumer research report released by Caravan Industry Association of Australia showing that 68 percent have a household income in excess of $70,000.

This indicates that caravanning and camping is a preferred holiday choice rather than simply an affordable choice.

Caravan holiday parks have undergone a period of transition over the last decade, with many offering more premium accommodation options and recreational facilities in line with tourist preferences.

Luxuriating in a 5-star cabin, socialising in onsite restaurants and bars and enjoying the odd spa treatment isn't out of the question for parents in today's caravan holiday parks.

They can sit back while the kids are entertained by waterparks, play equipment, neighbouring camp families and the great outdoors.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia said it was seeing innovations in the caravan and camping industry as a result of increasing and changing consumer demands.


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