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July 2018


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More space needed for RVers

Caravan club rests its case
in plea for more facilities

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AUSTRALIA'S leading caravan club has called for more rest area facilities in New South Wales.

"While RVers acknowledge that truckies operate on a time schedule and must have regulatory rest stops, RVers too need fatigue management," chairman Craig Humphrey said.

While welcoming the State Government's decision to slash caravan registration fees by 40 percent, this was only one issue affecting RVers in NSW that needed attention.

"The government needs to start doing something to improve not only the number of roadside rest areas, but also the allocated space available in rest areas for RVs," he said.

"We have truckies and RVers vying for space in rest areas. Some of the angst arising between truckies and 'vanners at rest stops is the result of inadequate space and number of rest areas currently available for RVers along New South Wales highways."

Overnight stays and fatigue management

Mr Humphrey said that if the government was serious about helping caravanners, then it needed to improve the availability and size of roadside rest areas to accommodate the travelling RVer for overnight stays and fatigue management.

The club has recently called for a summit of interested stakeholders in a major effort to resolve issues between truckies and 'vanners on the road and develop protocols under which both road-user groups could work.

"All affected stakeholder groups need to collaborate together, be working off the same page and at the same time, be delivering the same message," Mr Humphrey said.

"At the moment we are seeing several stakeholders, including our own club, using individual resources.

"At times they have slightly different messages that are not reaching the full targeted audiences."

Mr Humphrey said its NSW members were thankful for the reduction in rego fees, which would become effective from November 1.

"However, our club questions what the NSW Government is doing to align the state with others such as Victoria when it comes to setting registration fees on caravans and camper trailers.

"Compared to other states, the NSW registration fee for private caravan owners is overpriced, placing an unfair burden on caravanners," he added.


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