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APRIL 2020


'Demand will skyrocket for caravans in particular'

Sunland boss predicts soaring sales after coronavirus pandemic is conquered

Roy Wyss

By Dennis Amor
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THE demand for caravans will soar after the deadly coronavirus is conquered, according to a Queensland-based manufacturer.

Owner of Sunland Caravans Roy Wyss (pictured) is predicting that sales will "skyrocket" and believes the industry needs to prepare for the onslaught.

"After discussing these issues with other caravan manufacturers I really began to take stock and think about coming out at the other side," he said in a message posted on YouTube.

"Many will say this will be a prosperous time for the Australian economy in general. Demand will skyrocket, for caravans in particular.

"Why caravans? Well, there was already a high demand previously. This is the great Australian dream ... to be a grey nomad travelling across that beautiful country, Australia."

Mr Wyss said people were not currently ordering caravans, having them serviced or repaired but they had been asking when caravan travel would be allowed again.

"We know that if we continue following the government's guidelines, it will be sooner rather than later," he said.

"I can confidently say that due to the proactive government response covering manufacturing concerns such as wages, commercial rental assistance, travel for essential workers, schooling for their children and taxation support, this has allowed us to continue manufacturing caravans."

Mr Wyss thought Australia would become more independent, with less reliance on other countries and the global economy.

'We are expecting a
boom in caravan orders'

"We are expecting a boom in caravan orders, perhaps in three to six months," he said.

"However, when this boom does come we need to the prepared. Just say that caravan orders double, we would have lead times of one to two years.

"We want to remain open and operate, the government wants us to remain open and staff want jobs and I know people want their caravans. They want to enjoy that dream."

He urged people buying a caravan to reconsider and put it on the backburner.

"And I'm not just talking about Sunland Caravans, I'm talking about any Australian manufacturer," he said.

"Contact your Australian manufacturer of choice and ask them what terms are available and I'm sure they will have some flexibility and you'll have your new caravan in a matter of months, not 12 months or even longer."

Mr Wyss said Sunland had been fulfilling orders taken last year and early this year, delivering completed caravans and finding new ways of doing a handover.

Manufacturers were building innovative and improved systems, while marketing and sales had been refined.

The move to greater technology would benefit everyone, he said.


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