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Sabre caravan management system

Built-in anti-theft component

Caravan management system
and security all in one package

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A NEW caravan management system has hit the market, and the Tasmanian-based manufacturer claim it's like nothing you've ever seen before.

The Sabre Living system is an advanced monitor, control and automation system for caravans and motorhomes. It turns things on and off from a tablet or phone, but thatís where the similarities to other devices end.

Like most caravan management systems, the Sabre system monitors your batteries and power usage, your water tanks, the temperature and air quality, your geographical location, caravan movement as well as its own built-in security camera.

It also controls your lights, fans, slide-outs, heaters, water heaters and water pumps - just like most other systems. It is also run by Android or Apple devices, just like many systems.

However, it's the other features that make Sabre different, according to the engineer behind the technology Daniel Bissett.

"Sabre is the result of looking at what should be in a caravan and starting from scratch," he said. "Most other systems are a slow evolution of existing systems."

'A device that has
the brains to do it all'

Sabre takes the technology like IOT (Internet-Of-Things), CI-BUS and satellite communications to offer a device that has the brains to do it all, and to keep growing with the benefit of over-the-air software updates.

"It has IR control for TVs, air conditioners and sound systems that aren't connected, two-way satellite for safety and messaging when out of phone range and physical switch connection which tell the system which position the switch is in," Mr Bissett said.

The system also has a large safety and anti-theft component. A built-in security camera, air quality sensors, connection to smoke and gas alarms, internal movement sensors, GPS tracking and jolt detection all work together to create an anti-theft system.

"If your 'van is stolen, Sabre will track its location in real-time, and turn on strobes, sirens and cameras which can be tracked via a phone or through a website if the app isn't installed," Mr Bissett said.

"If gas or smoke is detected, Sabre will not only notify you within the 'van, but can also send messages via the internet or satellite if the 'van is unattended."

Sabre can also automate some convenience processes such as turning on lights when it gets dark, or turning on the heater or air conditioner when the temperature changes.

It can also turn on soothing music and dim the lights when it's time for bed.

"Sabre is not just a control and monitoring system, it's a system that the 'van owner can configure to suit and serve them," Mr Bissett said.

"It can also let you know what kind of day is forecast for your next day of travelling, and show you what's in the area."

A 20-page booklet is available by visiting

The Sabre system has been installed in caravans produced by one of Australia's largest manufacturers.

It is available to both manufacturers as well as for retro-fitting.

The company behind Sabre has been creating internet-based systems since 2002 for aviation, health-care and mining industries.


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