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April 2018



Safetank's innovative new water tank

Safetank aids caravan safety

Humble wine cask spawns revolutionary RV water tank

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THE humble wine cask is behind a new product which simplifies the storage of water on caravans and other RVs.

The innovative combined freshwater and grey water Safetank uses a double bladder housed in a marine grade aluminium tank weighing just 15kg.

It has similar sizing to a regular 85 litre tank but can carry up to 90 litres of fresh water.

As the fresh water is used and becomes grey water, it is rehoused within the tank but external to the bladder.

This keeps the weight where it is supposed to be rather than diverting it to a separate tank, usually at the rear of the caravan where it can cause issues with stability.

Safetank director and Inventor John Harrison commented: "You can blame cask wine for the inspiration behind the product. I saw how the bladder was collapsing and leaving space in the cask ... and the idea for a combination tank was born."

Suncoast Caravan Service has become the sole Queensland and New South Wales distributors for the revolutionary Safetank.

General manager John Harrison said his company, which has been servicing the RV industry for over 40 years, was excited to be working with the dynamic and experienced team.

"We know we have chosen the right company to move forward," he added.

One of the key factors for anyone is the safety of the fresh water within the bladders, especially as it is housed within the same structure as the grey water.

This was achieved by enclosing the food-grade freshwater bladder within a heavier PVC bladder.

Between the two bladders is a red indicator dye that will immediately warn of possible contamination.

Endurance testing was done on a vibrating bed which imitated millions of harsh corrugations and on thousands of kilometres of road travel.


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