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Record number of trips planned

Peak body turns spotlight on safety

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THE peak body for Australia's caravan industry is reminding grey nomads and other caravanners to take personal responsibility for their safety and that of others.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia's new Caravan & Camping Safety campaign reminds Australians to focus on safety across the month before they hit the road.

It says that with over 840,000 registered RVs in Australia and camping holidays enjoying increased popularity, there will be a record number of Australians planning their trips for the summer holidays.

In the coming months, approximately 14 million nights and four million camping trips or more are expected to be taken across Australia.

"Caravan and camping is a great activity enjoyed by many millions of Australians and in particular over the summer break," Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont, pictured, said

"Importantly we want to see all those who go caravan and camping over the upcoming holidays to not only have a great time while at their destination, but also return home safely."

Over the next month Caravan Industry Association of Australia will also be sharing road safety information regarding pre-planning your trip to manage fatigue, appropriate use of rest stops including truck rest areas, vehicle preparation, sharing the road with trucks, towing, caravan parks, shared spaces and pool safety will be promoted and shared.

This information is relevant for all road users regardless of experience, Mr Lamont said.

Research indicates:

* RV road users are most likely to have a crash on Monday or Sunday as drivers return from their holidays.
* Crashes are most likely to occur between 10am and 12pm.
* Whilst crashes are more likely to occur in urban centres, fatalities are more likely to occur on regional roads.
* Rear Ends are the most common reason for a crash (18%) followed by angle collision i.e. turning (14%) and losing control (13%)
* Over 330 Australian's lost their lives in drowning incidents last year, with double that estimated to have suffered serious non-fatal drowning incidents

"Getting to your destination safely is only one part of the safety discussion," Mr Lamont said.

"Caravan parks across the country provide a safe, family friendly and exceptional holiday experience.

"With the number of campers choosing to spend their holidays in parks we're reminding holidaymakers to remember the importance of pool safety and shared spaces within caravan holiday parks."


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