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JUNE 2022


Hands-on learning for caravanners

Sandgropers prepare for medical emergencies

Sandgropers at first aid course  Have your say

MEMBERS of the WA-based Sandgroper Caravanners group have prepared themselves for dealing with possible medical emergencies during their rallies.

Formed in late 1999, the club caters mostly for retired or near to retirement people who own either a pop top or a full size caravan.

They recently refreshed essential first aid skills through the Royal Life Saving WAs newly-launched Heart Beat 45+ First Aid refresher course.

Delivered by trainer Cathie Calleja, it covered CPR and first aid components including cardiac arrest, sunstroke, choking, hypothermia, shock, bleeding, and bites and stings.

Sixteen club members attended the three-hour hands-on refresher course, which has been designed specifically for adults who would like to learn more about conditions associated with ageing, how to respond in an emergency when travelling around WA and takingg part in popular aquatic activities.

The Sandgropers said the course had "adequately prepared" them for a variety of life-threatening scenarios through its hands-on learning style.

"Heart Beat 45+ was excellent; we all agreed the course was very enjoyable," Sandgroper Caravanners vice president Cheryl Kent said.

"As a group, we all go camping and caravanning regularly so understanding what to do in an emergency, particularly when out in the bush, is very important especially as we are all getting a little bit older.

"I personally enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course such as using a defibrillator, bandaging for large wounds or snake bites and how to use an EpiPen."

She said the trainer had "slipped in personal anecdotes about her own experience, which made it all the more relatable".


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