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July 2016


Norval Park beach signs

Crackdown continues on illegal camping

Bundy Sugar clampdown sours camper's snags

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QUEENSLAND'S Bundaberg Sugar is continuing its battle against illegal campers.

In the latest clampdown, a young camper has been fined $150 at Gladstone Magistrates Court for trespassing on the company's land at Yandaran north of Bundaberg.

The court heard that Bundaberg Sugar security officers gave him 15 minutes to leave after discovering him cooking sausages at his illegal campsite.

He failed to comply and was eventually escorted from the land.

The 20-year-old man had driven past two signs warning trespassers they would be prosecuted, the court was told.

He had also driven around two large rocks placed on the track as obstacles.

Dozens of illegal campers, including many caravanners, who ignored No Camping signs were evicted from the sugar company's land at nearby Norval Park beach in March after terrified turtle researchers were abused and attacked by drunken and drug affected campers.

One of the researchers suffered an injured shoulder in the assault which happened in the early hours during the prime turtle nesting season.

"They were just off their heads," he told Caravanning News.

"We had been collecting important turtle data during the turtle laying and hatchling seasons for the past nine years but had never experienced anything like this. They just went berserk for no apparent reason.

"We were told later that drug dealing had become rife among the dunes."


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