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August 2016


Caravanning with friends can be fun ... but beware pitfalls

Caravanning with friends can be fun ... but beware pitfalls

Tips for travelling with buddies

Beware the pitfalls when caravanning with friends

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THE potential pitfalls of caravanning with buddies have been outlined by a caravan finance company.

"It can be the most disastrous outing," warned the Savvy Group, which lends cash to people wanting to buy their dream caravan.

"Even your best friend (who has donated a kidney to save your brother, hypothetically speaking) can drive you nuts when on the road," its online blog cautioned.

The Savvy Group has expanded from humble beginnings in car finance to offer finance for trucks, aviation, homes, car lease, bikes and now caravan and recreational vehicles.

It said travelling with friends was growing in popularity, with statistics showing that many individuals planned their holidays with friends.

"Caravanning with a close group of friends accounts for a memorable experience," Savvy pointed out.

But it warned it also could be the most catastrophic outing unless a set of boundaries and principles was agreed upon.

"You might be thinking what could go wrong Ė Iím merely planning a trip with the friends I get along with excellently. Still, truth be told, when travelling with pals, things might get a bit tense."

This particularly happened while caravanning when space was often cramped.

The blog urged people to plan the trip together.

"Even though you might have far-reaching experience in caravanning, and you have excellent organisational skills, it's not ok to plan the journey on your own if youíre travelling with friends," it advised.

"By collaborating and talking openly about your preferences, you can rest assured that everyone is on the same page, and agrees on the itinerary."

The blog said that meeting for a couple of drinks and planning the trip together shouldn't be a drag, but an opportunity to have fun together.

"You're travelling with your best buds, and you cannot possibly think of anything that may go wrong. Not so fast!

"Just because you get along, it doesn't mean that you don't need privacy ... a little space for yourself.

"To make sure that everything goes smoothly, it's quintessential to respect your friendís privacy."

The blog recommended a "tent or two" to accommodate those who wanted to take a break from the noise, or just be alone for a while.

"Most important of all, do make sure you have fun, and embrace flexibility!

"While planning ahead is recommendable when caravanning, don't be too rigid to a fixed schedule.

"If you have a flexible approach, you'll enjoy your trip to the fullest, including the unpredictable joys."


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