July 2017

'No regard for anyone but themselves'

Truckie takes a swipe at grey
nomads and wobble boxes

Caravan in dustBy Dennis Amor
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A TRUCKIE has launched a vehement attack on grey nomads, labelling them a bunch of "sanctimonious house-hauling b*****ds".

Scotty Douglas comes out with all guns blazing in his  887-word expletive-riddled article in the nationally circulated Owner Driver road transport newspaper.

He grumbles about caravans and motorhomes generally being driven under the speed limit by "mean-spirited-selfish-entitled morons" trying to save fuel and with no regard for anyone but themselves.

"You determinedly sit on 80-90km/h with your badly-loaded wobble box (you need a genny to power the TV and hot water, remember) with a whole line of traffic snaking along behind you as you selfishly haul your house to the next destination," he fumes.

"Funnily enough, Mr and Mrs Fuel-Efficient always seem to find an extra 20km/h underfoot on an overtaking lane.



THE Owner Driver's Facebook page carries a warning about the article's bad language, proclaiming: "This MIGHT just be the most vocal Scotty Douglas rant so far. Thing is, he hits the nail on the head." And it adds: "No caravanners were harmed during the making of this story!"

"It's funny how they can manage that but can't manage to maintain a constant speed though."

Scotty complains how he is often left "hanging in the breeze" on overtaking lanes ‒ with a line of traffic behind him ‒ when nomads suddenly hit the accelerator pedal.

"Then everyone has the sh*ts with me because I didn't let them around the RV," he laments.

"I'll be thinking of you kindly as I'm trolley-jacking produce out of the back of a fridge pan at the markets at 2am.

"Yeah, that's the load of food that you'll be picking over at the supermarket as you stock up for the next pseudo camping trip."

Scotty pays tribute to fellow truckie and road safety advocate Rod Hannifey and his efforts to improve relations with the caravanning community.

"In the world of caravan-truck relations, Rod is Nelson Mandela," he writes. "And I'm the little furry bloke from The Muppet Show that randomly blows sh*t up."

He says that "come the revolution", he would be killing all RVs with fire.

"The Abbott government saw fit to kill off the Australian automotive industry.

"I'll kill off the RV industry or at the very least raise rego charges to the level they should be, given the negative effect they have on productivity. Has anyone even done the sums?"

Scotty believes that given the amount of road congestion caused by caravanners and their vehicle fooptprint, maybe they should pay rego fees comparable with those slapped on trucks.

"That'll learn 'em," he says.

"Vanners, please stop trying to make everyone else on the road around you pay the price for your privilege and lifestyle."


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ACC chairman Craig Humphrey
Mr Humphrey: 'Caravanners and truckies need to
be able to travel in harmony'

Slandering caravanners does not resolve anything: ACC

AUSTRALIA's largest caravan club has expressed disappointment that truck driver Scotty Douglas had chosen to publicly denigrate caravanners.

"Slandering caravanners does not help resolve anything," Australian Caravan Club (ACC) chairman Craig Humphrey told Caravanning News.

“Both caravanners and truckies need to be able to travel together in harmony on the road and the last thing we need is a raging, hostile fight emerging between the two.

“Rather, both need to be better educated and have a healthier understanding of the needs of each other.

"This will never be achieved if either side adopts an aggressive attitude and name calling."

Mr Humphrey admitted some caravanners travelled under the speed limit but pointed out that this was sometimes for safety reasons.

"The ACC encourages members to move over and let trucks pass when it's safe to do so," he said.

"Our members know that truckies are earning a living and have deadlines to meet.

"However, on the reverse side of the equation our members complain of truckies driving right up to the rear of the caravan in front of them, pushing them along and then overtaking in an unsafe manner.

"Most of our members now have UHF radios and many communicate with an approaching truck driver to let them know they are aware of them and both work together to ensure safe passing.

"We also have tagalong guidelines for our members to follow to ensure they do not create a convoy by travelling too close together making it difficult for trucks and other road users to pass.

"The guidelines set a minimum distance between vehicles of 500 metres."

Mr Humphrey said that educating RVers on road safety was one of the main objectives of his club.

"The ACC has been working to increase our members' awareness on road etiquette and what to do when a truck approaches.

“We would be happy to meet with truck industry representatives to further discuss any concerns truck drivers may have.

"However, this issue requires two-way co-operation, education and understanding on all sides."