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September 2017


Caravans being wrecked by truckies at a UK show

Caravans being wrecked by truckies at a UK show

Why are they regarded with so much negativity?

In the mood for asking what's wrong with caravans

By Dennis Amor
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THE long-running argy-bargy between caravanners and truckies has again been highlighted ... but this time to the soothing strains of Grieg's Morning Mood.

The classical piece features as the background music to a new 1min 34sec video showing caravans being smashed to smithereens by huge trucks.

Diesel News carried a link to the graphic footage on its website, proclaiming that the trucking industry needed to say what was wrong with caravans.

It posed the question: "Why are they regarded with so much negativity by truckies?"

The video ‒ shot in the UK ‒ was an example of some truckies' attitude towards caravans, it said.

Caravans are not the cause of the problem, it's the caravanner

"The trucking industry's frustration with caravans is being taken out on the caravans themselves, but not at the cause of the problem.

"The cause, as we all know, is the caravanner. Actually, the problem is some caravanners. We shouldn't forget campervans either, but for the sake of simplicity we will lump them all under the title of caravanners."

It said many caravanners, especially grey nomads who populated more remote roads, were aware of the need to be courteous and considerate to trucks and their needs.

"Responsible caravan owners fit UHFs in their towing vehicles and will talk to any truckie coming up behind them and help them pass."

It pointed out that trucks needed to be "maximising their speeds" to meet schedules and to get paid.

"The case for the caravanner is exactly opposite, time is not of the essence ... enjoying the landscape and having a relaxed ride is more important."

RVs "tootling" along two-lane highways at 85kph but speeding up to 100kph on overtaking lanes and preventing frustrated truckies from overtaking was not helpful.

"It is a potent mix, truckies ‒ who have to get there quick and have difficulty accelerating and overtaking cars ‒ meeting caravanners with a wide vehicle taking their time.

"It's very easy for both sides of the argument get upset and do something rash."


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