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April 2017


Fines at Gold Coast's Spit

RVs at The Spit

Concerns over 'inappropriate'use

Illegal campers at Gold Coast's Spit to be slapped with on-the-spot fines

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NEW on-the-spot fines will help clean up illegal campers and litterers at the Gold Coast's Spit.

The Queensland Government has announced that Gold Coast Waterway Authority (GCWA) employees can now issue instant fines of up to $120 in Doug Jennings Park for a range of offences including illegal parking, littering, and lighting fires.

"This is waterfront parkland that should be there for everyone to enjoy without being overrun by illegal campers and rubbish, " Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham said.

"This is real progress in our plan to clean-up and rejuvenate this very special part of the Gold Coast.

"If a case goes to court, illegal campers now face fines of up to $1200."

The fines are the culmination of behind-the-scenes work underway since last year.

Main Roads and Ports Minister Mark Bailey said GCWA had undertaken $1.2 million worth of landscaping and rehabilitation work of areas that have previously been illegally used by 4WD vehicles.

"GCWA, as the trustee of the park, has had concerns about its inappropriate use, including high volume of short-term campers on weekends and school holidays and longer-term camping at other times," Mr Bailey said.

"The authority last year adopted a model by-law containing numerous offences including illegal camping, littering, unauthorised motor vehicle use and having dogs off leads.

"There are now warning signs on the gates and at key locations in the park.

"GCWA employees will be able to issue on-the-spot fines to help protect this area.

"The fine will range from around $60 for illegal fires to more than $120 for illegal camping."


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