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December 2017

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Darrell Ford, ranger

Ranger Darrell Ford: demand

Ranger's Living Desert dream comes true

New camp site is a star attraction at Broken Hill

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A NEW campsite has opened at Broken Hill in NSW to entice tourists.

The Starview Primitive Camp offers 15 unpowered caravan sites and eight for tents, with disability-friendly toilet and shower facilities. There is also a sheltered barbecue area.

Stays are limited to two nights and cost $10 per person per night.

The idea for a basic campsite at the Living Desert was originally floated by the park's ranger, Darrell Ford, in 2010 and has slowly taken shape over the last seven years.

"There was always a demand for it, we'd have lots of people from away wanting somewhere where they could camp out under the stars and get a real feeling of the bush," he said.

"And we'd always have people specifically asking if they could camp out in the Living Desert itself as well.

"The Living Desert is a great place to see the stars, enjoy peace and quiet, and it's also a great Sturt Desert Pea area when they're in bloom."

Mr Ford said he and the Friends of the Flora and Fauna of the Barrier Ranges Community Committee had been gradually working on the campsite as an ongoing project.

He said the campsite had been built at a very small cost, and featured items recycled from other council sites.

"We've used bus shelters, pine log barriers from the (former) North Pool, and the toilets were built with a grant," he said.

"The most expensive thing was probably just getting the road bitumenised and putting in a concrete slab."

Mayor Darriea Turley congratulated Mr Ford and all volunteers who had contributed to the project.

"It's been a huge team effort that everyone has chipped away at and I think all involved should be extremely proud of the way it's all come together.

"Starview provides yet another avenue for tourists to come to Broken Hill and enjoy a genuine outback experience, and I think it's crucial we continue to pursue any opportunity that will increase visitor numbers and support our economy."

Bookings can be made through the Visitor Information Centre.


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