JULY 2020


'COVID delays inspection equipment'

Go-ahead finally issued for recall
of deadly RV gas water heaters

Gas water heater

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THE long-awaited recall of potentially deadly gas water heaters fitted to many caravans and other RVs has been given the go-ahead, it was revealed today.

"While this is certainly welcome news there are still a few outstanding matters that we are working through before we can begin to have water heaters inspected," distributors Suburban and Coast to Coast says in a message to consumers.

Many owners have expressed frustration at having to wait so long for a resolution after last year's announcement that some gas hot water heaters could be deadly.

But Suburban has now been given approval by the Gas Technical Regulators Committee and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to "progress to recall".

However, delivery of special equipment from the US necessary for testing has been delayed by the COVID-19 crisis.

Without this equipment, gasfitters will be unable to complete the inspection required.

"We're expecting this equipment to arrive in approximately two weeks at which point the recall process will begin," Suburban and Coast to Coast said.

"When this equipment arrives and the recall begins, consumers will be directed to a dedicated registration page on our website to register their water heater and complete an online form.

"This information will be used to provide you with a work order and a list of authorised recall service agents.

"You will then be able to contact your preferred service agent and book an appointment for your water heater to be inspected.

"If your water heater passes inspection, a CO detector will be fitted and no further work will be required."

Heaters failing would be replaced with a 2020 Suburban gas/electric, storage water heater ... a like-for-like product.

If not available, the Coast RV recall team will discuss alternative options, including a Suburban Nautilus instantaneous (gas only) water heater or other equivalent unit.

An urgent warning by Suburban last year revealed that some of its gas hot water heaters could generate elevated carbon monoxide which in some instances could spill into caravans and other RVs.

"Carbon monoxide can be lethal in large concentrations," it said.

Models affected were SW6DEA, SW6DA, SW4DEA, SW4DA and the dual fuel SW6PS.


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