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Ambassadorial role for singer

Queensland caravan builder's chance meeting brings music to your ears

The Sullivans with their Sunland caravan

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IT'S music to the ears ... well, it is to a popular Queensland caravan manufacturer.

A chance meeting between Caboolture-based Sunland Caravans owner Roy Wyss and singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan resulted in the newest team to take music to the outback.

And a new ambassadorial role for the former forensic police crime scene investigator turned award-winning entertainer.

Kevin, whose latest hit Spend The Kids Inheritance features in the Australian Country Music Top 20 chart, and his young family have hit the road in a specially-built Sunland caravan.

The new relationship started around 12 months ago when the two Aussie blokes began communicating about Kevin being a guest on Roy's The Caravan Show on YouTube.

And the result was a Sunland Caravans-designed and built luxury caravan known as the Sunland Sulli-Van which is currently threading its way around Queensland with Kevin's family on board.

"The Covid-19 restrictions have clipped the wings of many Australians who love to travel," Roy told Caravanning News.

"So holidaying in your own backyard is simply the perfect way to show off Australia to your kids, and perform live music in those little outback towns which may seem isolated from the big country music festivals."

He said Kevin was "well qualified" to be a guest on The Caravan Show after travelling around Australia for 18 years as a music performer.

The relationship between Sunland Caravans and Kevin Sullivan Music was born and the Sulli-Van would turn into reality.

Roy explained that Kevin had mentioned wanting to travel Australia with his family in 2021 and Roy ever the opportunistsensed the chance to forge an ambassadorial role for the Sullivan family.

"Kevin's recent hit, Outback Australia, was perfectly aligned with the dreams of Sunland customers so the relationship made sense," Roy said.

"Kevin's Spending the Kids Inheritance is also something that is very relevant to caravan travellers."

'After a jam session or
two and some tweaking'

During their conversations, Roy and Kevin had spoken about the recent passing of Roy's brother and the fact that Roy had penned a song, Brother.

After "a jam session or two and some tweaking", Kevin let Roy know that the song would be on his next album.

Roy explained that as a customer, Sunland had taken the time to understand the needs of Kevin, Belinda and their children ... KJ, Cha Cha and Jet.

"This led to a personalised 21ft 6in off-road family caravan featuring triple bunks, a slide out, bike racks and a whole heap of personal touches with all the bells and whistles," he said.

"These included music decals, a Kiama (their hometown) mural above the bed and the kids' names embossed on their bunks to stop them fighting over who was to get what bunk."

The Sulli-Van was completed last November.

"Although an experienced traveller, Kevin won't mind us saying he was inexperienced towing a caravan so we arranged a full-day course for him and Belinda with Jeff Palmer from Tow-Ed, along with a full-day handover with the Sunland handover team," Roy said.

"We could not be happier with the role that Kevin and the Sullivan family are doing as ambassadors promoting Sunland Caravans across Australia.

"What makes Kevin and his family so special is that they really do change people's lives.

"I have seen this happen numerous times. It is amazing how many they have changed, all over Australia. We could not have asked for better ambassadors for Sunland Caravans."

Roy said Kevin's family had "gone the extra mile" in almost becoming a mobile sales team, showing countless people through their caravan.

"During our relationship with the Sullivans we have been fortunate to witness their talent," he explained.

"Kevin as a real pro and diverse performer and the kids are seriously talented youngsters, learning so much while on the road ... and, of course, Belinda who keeps it all together."


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