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July 2018


Another grey nomad's caravan becomes a statistic

Another grey nomad's caravan becomes a statistic

Visitor numbers soar 126 percent

Cold comfort as nomads seeking winter sun send accident figures soaring

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GREY nomads escaping the southern states' freezing conditions are driving a frightening increase in Queensland accidents involving caravans, it has been revealed.

New figures from Suncorp show that insurance claims from caravanners soared by a massive 94 percent in the Sunshine State during winter months, with August being the worst time for accidents.

Western Australia came in second at 40 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of claims plummeted by 30 percent in Victoria, the home base for many grey nomads heading north in search of the winter sunshine.

The data was sourced from summer claims between December 2016 to February 2017, and winter claims between June 2017 to August 2017.

No figures were available for the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

'Timely reminder for drivers to take extra care on the roads'

Suncorp spokesperson Alexandra Foley said that throughout the winter months Queensland had the highest number of caravan claims in the country.

"As grey nomads and seasonal travellers start packing their caravans to begin the annual migration north, it's a timely reminder for drivers to take extra care on the roads," she said.

"Unfortunately, we see a significant spike in caravan claims in Queensland as the temperature drops ... and most of these could be avoided."

Suncorp analysed over 14,000 caravan accident insurance claims across Australia from its network of brands including Suncorp, CIL, Apia, AAMI and GIO.

According to the data, caravans colliding with stationary objects were the most common type of accident, accounting for more than a quarter of all claims.

"This indicates that many drivers probably lack experience in towing and manoeuvring a caravan," Ms Foley said.

"In many cases, drivers can avoid these types of accidents and improve their visibility by having a spotter outside the car, installing cameras on the rear of the caravan or additional mirrors to assist when driving and parking.

"This is especially important for inexperienced drivers because towing a caravan is a very different driving experience.

"Bad driving habits such as inattention, speeding or following too closely behind other vehicles are amplified and can have dire consequences."

Ms Foley urged anyone planning a caravan holiday to take extra care on the roads this year.

"Make sure your vehicle and caravan are in good working order, adhere to speed limits, be courteous to other drivers and also check your insurance policy is up to date and provides an adequate level of cover before you leave home," she added..


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