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New remedy revealed

  Potentially lethal Swift cookers now safe

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THERE is now a remedy to make recalled potentially lethal Swift 500 series cookers installed in some caravans or motorhomes safe to use.

Inspection and repairs will be carried out free of charge by the manufacturer under a remedy Swift has negotiated with the Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC).

The committee comprises representatives from Australian state, territory and New Zealand gas regulators.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned about the risk of explosions and burns associated with 16 recalled models of the Swift 500 series cooker.

About 11,000 manufactured between 1 January 2019 and 31 May 2020 (inclusive) are affected.

"Unfortunately, three people have already suffered serious injuries and burns while using a defective Swift cooker," ACCC deputy chairperson Delia Rickard said.

"In one case a person suffered first degree burns to their stomach and legs. We don't want to see any more injuries occur.

"Consumers should check if their cooker has been recalled by visiting our Product Safety website.

"Affected consumers not already registered for the recall should contact Swift Appliance Group as a matter of urgency, so Swift can arrange an inspection and potential repair."

Ms Rickard said that in the meantime, consumers were advised not to use the front left burner of their cooker until they have been inspected and necessary repairs carried out.

"Remove the knob and store it out of reach, Ms Rickard said.

Most of the recalled cookers were supplied new with the vehicle by retailers nationally and a small number were bought separately by consumers and installed later.

The hazard:

Part of the gas supply pipe to cookers used in motorhomes and caravans may break or erode. Gas leaks and an ignition source can cause explosions or fires.

There are three factors that can cause the gas supply tube to fracture and leak gas:

* Overtightening the nuts when connecting the gas supply tubes to the burner.

* The aluminium tubes rubbing on the reflector plate that sits behind the unit.

* Vibration of the unit that is caused during transit.

The remedy:

The remedy process involves inspecting the tube that supplies gas to the front left burner to check that it is fitted correctly and shows no signs of wear.

Damaged or ill-fitting burner tubes will be replaced.


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