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December 2017

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'Attendance exceeded initial expectations'

Peak body's symposium hailed a success

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A ONE-DAY symposium organised by Australia's peak caravanning industry body has been dubbed a resounding success.

Nearly a hundred delegates attended the Caravan Industry Association of Australia event at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Those taking part were from caravan and allied parts manufacturing industries as well as 10 trade exhibitors with industry businesses from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

"Attendance exceeded initial expectations and proved to be a successful balance of networking, trade exhibitions and an informative panel of speakers," the association said.

"The informal nature of the event enabled positive and engaged interactions between delegates during the breaks, also providing a great opportunity to share industry information to individuals who don't normally participate in Caravan Industry Association of Australia conferences or events."

The symposium included presentations by Wells Fargo and Outdoria, the Commonwealth Treasury (on the upcoming Australian Consumer Law Review), Vehicle Safety Standards (on the RVSA reform) and SAI Global on a new partnership providing accredited industry businesses access to all 9000-plus Australian Standards.

CTIA Victoria dealt with training, Servicesafe and Victorian regulations while Ed Browne from Madgwicks spoke about Australian Consumer Law and Unfair Contract Terms legislation.

Presentations also included a review of findings from the RVMAP program and technical information around weights and ratings (including the Payload Estimator), vehicle (VIN) plates, and lights and reflectors by Caravan Industry Association of Australia staff.


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