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July 2017


Tiaro's newly revamped and designed rest area

Tiaro's newly revamped and designed rest area

New design means fewer tourist dollars for local traders

Revamped Tiaro rest area less than impressive, say travellers

Tiaro rest areaStory and Photos: Dennis Amor
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CARAVANNERS and businesses in a small country town straddling Queensland's busy Bruce Highway are less than impressed with the regional council's facelift at the local rest area.

They complain the new design means fewer travellers can now use the free, 48-hour facility behind the local pub at Tiaro south of Maryborough.

"We used to get up to 20 caravans and motorhomes a night on the rest area," one local trader explained.

"But the way it has been laid out means it can now only accommodate about eight and we see many travellers being forced to drive away."

Fraser Coast Regional Council poured $150,000 into revamping the popular rest area, used by many southern grey nomads travelling north for the Sunshine State's warmer weather.

Work included better drainage, a new concrete driveway to make entering and leaving the site easier, grassed areas around trees together with fencing and footpaths linking existing footpaths through Tiaro Memorial Park.

Caravanning News spoke to caravanners at the rest area and most thought the council had made an error of judgement.


Campers at home on the rest area's plush grass at Tiaro


Campers at home on the rest area's
newly-laid plush grass

"Yes, it's very nice to look at with its newly grassed areas etc but in reality it's taking the tourist dollars away from the town," grey nomad Terry Knights said.

"Travellers hoping to stay the night are being forced to move on because the site is much smaller now."

And NSW caravanner Joe Granger fired a broadside at council planners.

"It's ridiculous. Whoever's responsible for this new design wants a kick up the backside. 

"I would like to see them try and reverse a large rig into some areas of the place ... it's near impossible."

Meanwhile, Wendy Jane ‒ who lived opposite the rest area ‒ has made a Facebook plea for the council to encourage backpackers to dress in the nearby toilet block instead of in full view of residents.

She also wants them to use the toilets instead of urinating on trees.

"It wasn't nice to see male private parts while having your morning coffee on your own verandah," she explained.


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