MAY 2020


Mixed reaction to One Nation WA leader's plea

Open the border so grey nomads can
help struggling businesses survive: MP

Colin TincknellBy Dennis Amor
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ONE Nation WA leader Colin Tincknell has called for Western Australia's northern intrastate border to be opened so grey nomads can help businesses survive the coronavirus crisis.

"I think now is the time to remove the Midwest border and allow our seniors who would normally travel north to avoid winter colds and flu to do so," he said.

"Forcing the grey nomads who would normally be in the north areas for the winter stay south is a much bigger health risk than COVID right now."

He suggested it would also be a lifeline to businesses struggling to stay afloat, adding: "They are stating they are not sure how long they can hold out before making money again."

Mr Tincknell pointed out that there had been no new recorded cases of the virus and there were only three ongoing cases left in the state.

But his call has been met with mixed reaction on Facebook.

One contributor suggested it would be wiser to have a progressive opening over the next couple of months.

"No rush," Max Van Weert said. "The current strategy is working well ... prefer caution."

Sharon Sims was also against the idea. "Just leave it a while and see how it goes," she wrote. "Even when us oldies get the flu it's bad enough. Don't know how we would stand up to COVID. Nothing wrong with how it is now."

Meanwhile, Raine Robinson said she agreed with the MP, explaining that her town relied on tourism to survive.

"Three businesses have closed and won't be back," she wrote. "We are hurting big-time."

Andrew Chaplin said there was no reason not to open the intrastate border and suggested the three active cases were from overseas.

"They are taken care of," he wrote. "Let the rest of us get on with life."

He thought the eastern border into the rest of Australia should be kept shut until they were clear of coronavirus.

"But open up WA to all WA people," he said.        


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