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April 2018


'People should not be intimidated by the small space'

Caravans benefitting from 'tiny home phenomenon' as home prices soar

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POTENTIAL home owners in Australia appear to be gravitating towards smaller dwellings ... and the once humble caravan is benefitting.

That's the view of New South Wales property stylists Vault Interiors who claim that soaring prices are the main driving factor of a shift towards the "tiny home phenomenon".

Director and principal stylist Justine Wilson said there had been an emerging trend over the past year towards modernised and renovated caravans.

And she predicts caravans are set to become a dominating trend across Australia with more and more caravans now being rented out to earn extra income.

"Caravans embrace as many multi-functional areas as possible," she said.

Extra sleeping places and storage cubes can be used for seating

"For example, having a bed with storage underneath, dining tables that can be converted into extra sleeping spaces and storage cubes that can be used for seating.

“Earning extra income from unused caravans is a no brainer – it's the same as renting out an extra car you don't use, or putting your apartment up for Airbnb while you're overseas.

"I think people are just starting to realise this is a smart idea – not to mention there's actually so many fun things you can do to style up and modernise a caravan."

Ms Wilson said people should not be intimidated by the small space.

She shared her top four benefits to owning and doing up your own caravan:

* Earn extra income: Do you own a caravan and are there times of the year you don’t use it? Why not rent it out instead! Renting out your caravan will allow you to make some extra money for your next tiny home and caravan adventure.

* Get back to the earth: With a smaller sized home, you are able to save extensively on your electricity and water. You can even go the extra mile by adding solar panels to your caravan to completely erase the need to connect to electricity.

* Complete freedom: Without the need for council approvals and a completely moveable structure, caravans allow you to pick up and go on holidays whenever you like – the ultimate convenience. Or perhaps you’re not getting so many keen renters, so simply move to a better location where the demand will be higher.

* De-clutter your life: Owning and/or living in a caravan forces you to de-clutter your life, within the caravan and beyond. By decreasing your home size dramatically, you have to ensure what you keep are things that you need and use regularly.


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