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JUNE 2022


Number plate recognition 'a simple solution'

Clubs join ranks to take 'unfair' toll system to government

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CARAVAN and motorhome owners are continuing their battle with the Sydney road toll system.

Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia chief executive Richard Barwick and Australian Caravan Club chairman Ken Newton recently joined forces and, under the umbrella of RV Clubs of Australia, met with both sides of Government to discuss key issues.

Changes to vehicle classifications brought height into the equation, which meant caravans were tolled at the same rate on two motorways as a B-double truck and trailer.

The changes affected vehicles towing a caravan, trailer or boat that is greater than 12.5 metres in total length and more than 2.8 metres high.

They were reclassified as Class B vehicles, which attracts a toll that is three times the previous rate.

Rates for the M2 increased from $7.68 to $23.03 and from $8.24 to $24.72 on the M7 Motorway.

In his weekly message to CMCA members, Mr Barwick said his club had been campaigning for 18 months for the NSW State Government to consider the unfairness.

He described the fee structure as a "debacle" and suggested introducing a third category to allow vehicles between 2.81m to 3.5m in height to be recognised for recreational vehicles.

"Transurban operate with a scanning program that detects height and length of vehicles," he said.

"We are also seeking a simple change to have vehicle recognition through the number plate system that refers to registration and identification of that specific vehicle.

"Having RVs recognised through their registrations is a simple and easy resolution."


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