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JULY 2021


'Great need for improved car driver understanding'

Rob's video helps 'vanners to safely
share the road with heavy vehicles

Rob Hannifey  Have your say

TRUCKIE and road safety advocate Rob Hannifey has served up another helping of useful information to help caravanners share the road with heavy vehicles.

His newly-released 13-minute safety video entitled Share the Road - Truckies Top Tips contains a special segment aimed at travellers towing RVs on the nation's highways and byways.

They are based on the findings of a survey Mr Hannifey (pictured) conducted to identify drivers' key concerns and his own personal experience.

"There's a great need for improved car driver understanding of the difference between driving a car and driving a large, heavy vehicle," he said.

The video includes advice on overtaking while towing a caravan, weight restrictions and UHF radios.

It urges caravanners to maintain their speed and position when being overtaken by a truck.

Seeking the advice of a professional was "invaluable" in making sure caravanners had a safe set-up.

"Remember, weight restrictions apply so look at your manufacturer's recommendations to ensure safe and legal towing," Mr Hannifey said.

Quality mirrors were also important and were 'a must' to see everything around you.

The video stresses the importance of UHF radios which, it said, were "essential and a great tool" for talking with other drivers.

"Fitting a Channel 18 sign on the front and rear of your caravan confirms you have a radio and tells us we can communicate with you," Mr Hannifey said.

"For us, the road is where we work. Please consider a little bit of patience and courtesy can go a long way in making every trip safer," he added.


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