JULY 2020


'Careful planning and preparation necessary'

Road safety concerns as more
caravanning families hit the road

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TOWING a caravan is far more complex than simply hitching one to your vehicle, says a NSW politician.

The warning comes from Transport Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation Tara McCarthy as the onset of school holidays sees an dramatic increase in families hitting the road with an RV.

Ms McCarthy said this has raised more safety concerns too.

"Between 2014 and 2018, there were 239 crashes involving a vehicle towing a caravan on NSW roads and sadly they resulted in 12 fatalities and 120 serious injuries," she said.

"Towing a caravan adds significant weight to your vehicle. It requires careful planning and loading and puts additional responsibilities on a driver to manage safety.

"It is crucial drivers understand how to safely load and weigh their caravans and how to drive safely while towing before they set out on the road.

"This knowledge will not only protect you and your passengers, but complying with safe loading laws means you won't run the risk of fines from police enforced Roadside Caravan Safety Inspections."

Ms McCarthy said driving an RV or towing a caravan could be stressful and careful planning and preparation, as well as breaking up the journey, could help make the trip more enjoyable.

"After several weeks of lockdown many of us are eager to get outside and see other parts of the state.

"To make this holiday as pleasant as possible be sure to follow these simple tips and ensure you are complying with the essential safety requirements.

"If you understand how towing a caravan can affect your driving, your safety and the safety of others on the road, you will find it much less stressful.

"Remember to weigh your vehicle and your caravan at a weigh station, correctly load your caravan to meet safety ratings and requirements and do any necessary safety checks before and during your trip."

For more information on how to safely tow a caravan please visit the Centre for Road Safety website


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