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MARCH 2020


'Hard sell' tactics under fire

Caravan sales people accused of being 'too pushy'

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THERE are far too many "unhappy campers" who are dissatisfied after buying new caravans, it has been claimed.

The Caravan Council of Australia says it is "extremely disappointed" with the number of calls received regarding serious problems.

"There are clearly two distinct areas of concern that continue to badly tarnish the image and reputation of the entire caravan industry," founder and general manager Colin Young said.

"They are to the detriment of professional businesses who continually display ethical and professional conduct to their customers."

Complaints were usually about vehicle compliance and quality issues, with ratings and masses remaining the most-contentious issue.

"Caravanners often report that sales people especially at caravan shows are far too pushy and do not have the best interests of the potential customer at heart," he said.

"Making up answers on the spot and simply not knowing the answers to reasonable questions and grossly-exaggerating the features and benefits of a prospective caravan are regularly cited as being 'hard-sell' behaviour."

Mr Young said the refusal by some dealers and suppliers to acknowledge and rectify defects, even those deemed to be major failures, was an extremely serious and common problem.

"It is clearly an unacceptable violation of Australian Consumer Law requirements," he warned.

Mr Young said it was imperative that all marketing personnel be urgently and properly educated and tested in relation to the legal requirements, and preferably be licensed to sell caravans if the current problems of unacceptable non-compliances and improper consumer-protection behaviour is to be stopped.

"There is an intolerable lack of technical knowledge by some dealers' sales personnel along with highly-questionable sales tactics regarding their conduct with potential buyers of caravans," he added.


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