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June 2017


Ms White: "pleased"

Ms White: "pleased"

Encouraged by provision for expansion

VicParks welcomes Budget support for tourism

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THE peak body for the caravan and holiday park industry in Victoria has applauded the state's support for tourism.

The Victorian Caravan Parks Association (VicParks) said it had been "encouraged" by the provision for an expansion of funding to support tourism activities.

"It is critical that tourism infrastructure and businesses are supported to grow and develop in line with consumer expectations," chief executive Elizabeth White pointed out.

The Budget had recognised the need to develop key tourism destinations and attractions to continue to grow tourism revenues in Victoria.

"This is a Budget that recognises the key role of tourism to grow the state economy and create more job opportunities in regional Victoria," Ms White said.

"We are pleased with the provision of additional funding for Visit Victoria to expand its marketing activities to attract more interstate and international visitors, whilst also focusing on encouraging Melburnians to travel to different attractions and destinations in our own state."

VicParks also welcomed the announcement of further funding for regional roads and railways.

"We also note the provision for upgrades to road and rail infrastructure that will make tourism travel within Victoria safer and more enjoyable," Ms White said.

She thought the visitors would continue to underpin Victoria's economy.

The Victoria Caravan Parks Association is the peak body for Victoria's caravan park owners and managers, providing one united industry voice.

The caravan park industry in Victoria contributes $475 million to the state economy each year and employs more than 2500 people in regional and metropolitan areas.


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