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June 2019


Victorias caravan parks review

Consultation 'important part of the process'

Help sought in caravan
park legislation review

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VICTORIANS are being asked to help shape the future of the State's caravan park regulations.

The government has launched consultations to ensure the industry operates effectively into the future.

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said it was time the legislation was reviewed to ensure safety and high standards.

"Victorians love caravanning and camping ... and for good reason," he explained.

"Caravan parks are in some of Victoria’s most spectacular places and we want to make sure people continue to enjoy staying in them and strike the right balance between safety, accessibility and cost."

The government is reviewing the regulations, which expire in 2020, to assess how well they are working and make any necessary changes.

The regulations under review set out requirements for caravan parks and movable dwellings on topics including health and wellbeing, fire safety and emergency management, registration and construction standards.

This will ensure the safety and standard of living for visitors and residents while assisting caravan park operators to effectively carry out their responsibilities.

The review process will run throughout 2019 and early 2020 with the new regulations to take effect by June 2020.

The government said consultation with stakeholders from across the sector was an important part of the process.

A consultation paper is now available, with submissions to help shape topics that will be considered in a Regulatory Impact Statement.

It will discuss how the current regulations operate, along with options and rationale for changes, including a cost-benefit analysis.

The paper will form the basis for advice to the Minister for Planning on what future regulations should include.

For more information and to make a submission, click here.

The closing date for submissions is 23 June.


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