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March 2017


Matt Johns, Zone RV

Matt Johns in Zone RV's new video

'Leading by example'

Zone RV produces new video on safe towing

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SUNSHINE Coast-based caravan manufacturer Zone RV has produced a new video on safe towing.

"It's paramount that we are sending our customers out the gate with the confidence to tow safely," company co-founder and sales manager Matt Johns told Caravanning News.

"There have been national concerns growing about caravanners being misinformed and not knowing their load weights or legal tow limits, with many on the road towing illegally."

The Queensland company's 11-minute video contains helpful information for caravanners wanting to know how best to prepare their rigs for the road.

More than 800 people have already viewed the footage on YouTube.

Mr Johns said it would help educate caravanners on how to prevent unnecessary swaying or worst still, accidents.

"We created this video to help show them what to look for when buying a caravan, how to tow safely and how to best prepare their tow vehicle for optimal performance," he explained.

"It was produced with the expert help of Glen Hadden at Roo Systems.

"Caravan manufacturers need to lead by example, so this is what we set out to do in creating the video."

Mr Johns said it was a "general overview" of towing safety.

"So please keep in mind there are many more ways to enhance your caravan, rig and skills to ensure you're towing as safe as possible," he added.


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