January 2018


Dump point

Dump points ... an RV-status requirement

Councillors approve new dump point

Wangaratta fires first
salvo in bid to attract
more grey nomads

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THE cathedral city of Wangaratta in Victoria's northeast has fired the first salvo its battle to attract more grey nomads.

Local councillors voted unanimously to encourage caravanners and motorhomers to stop in the city ... by installing an RV dump point.

But a Rural City of Wangaratta council report pointed out that the provision of a dump point did not include the installation of overnight free camping within the city "which would have an economic impact on the city and neighbouring village’s caravan parks".

The cost of installing the dump point at Wareena Park was $9345, with annual running costs of $1530.

Scheduled to be installed before the end of June, it was hoped it would reduce illegal dumping of wastewater from caravans and motorhomes in Wangaratta.

Council chief executive Brendan McGrath said the authority planned to notify "relevant bodies and associations" of the facility so they could promote the dump point through their electronic and written publications.

"We also have discussed putting in an application to Google Maps so it pops up on people's apps," he said.

One local resident at the council meeting agreed with efforts to create an RV-friendly city but pointed out that direction signs needed to be erected at its southern entry to help with parking.

Mr McGrath accepted there was a "series of things" that needed to be done before RV-friendly status could be achieved.

"But I suspect we probably have most of them," he said.


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