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June 2019


Mr Homer (right) outside his park with Ms Roberts and Mr Murray.

Mr Homer (right) outside his park with
Ms Roberts and Mr Murray.

Politicians asked for help

Concerns over speed limit outside WA park

By Dennis Amor
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THE owner of a caravan park on WA's South Western Highway at Picton is battling to make access safer for residents and guests.

Waterloo Village Caravan Park's Greg Homer has already raised the issue with the State's Road Safety Minister, Michelle Roberts and Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray.

He wants the 100kph speed limit reduced to 80kph.

"When holidaymakers are navigating the access to the park it can be intimidating to see semi-trailers steaming towards you at 100kph, then overtaking on the verge," he told Caravanning News.

"This becomes even more dangerous at dawn and dusk with the road's east-west orientation.

"It is our hope that with the assistance of Minister Roberts and Mick Murray, Main Roads will action our request and improve the safety of this dangerous stretch of road."

Mr Homer explained how his park, together with a service station and entrance to a growing industrial area, were located on a bend in the highway.

"This same stretch sees the speed limit change from 100kph to 90kph and then back up to 100kph in front of our business," he said.

"It then drops to 80kph as the road proceeds into Bunbury.

"We would like to see the 80kph zone extended to include the few kilometres in front of our park."

Mr Homer said the highway was single lane in each direction.

"We have many wonderful retirees who enjoy the tranquility of the park. Unfortunately each resident is able to recount experience or observations of near misses with traffic accidents on this section of the highway," he said.

"Changing the speed limit for such a short section of the road would add only seconds to any commuter's journey.

"Dropping 20kph would, however, drastically improve the braking response and reaction time for all drivers."

Ms Roberts told Caravanning News that while there had been some road improvements in the area, 100kph was still a high speed zone.

"I will raise these concerns with police and the Road Safety Commission and seek further advice about what might be done on that section of road," she said.


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