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January 2019


Caravan weighing

Checking a caravan's weight

Shocking statistics revealed

Caravanners 'turning a
blind eye' to weights

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MORE than half the caravans weighed by a Queensland business were overweight, shocking new figures have revealed.

Weightcheck Mobile Caravan Weighing founder Dave Lewis told Caravanning News that owners seemed to be "turning a blind eye" to the problem.

During the last 14 months his Brisbane company has completed over 350 weigh-ins.

And some frightening statistics have emerged off the back of the weighings, with 62 percent of caravans and 31 percent of tow vehicles being over their weight compliance limit.

"Bear in mind we are only weighing caravans and vehicles of owners who are concerned enough to have their weights checked," Mr Lewis pointed out.

"There is probably twice that number turning a blind eye to the fact."

He stressed that the towball mass (TBM) of a caravan was a very serious issue and the measurement needed to be taken in the correct way.

"With many caravaners having their own towball scales these days, I have found that the readings the owners are doing themselves are not always correct when they are compared with the measurements we are taking during our caravan ATM reports," Mr Lewis said.

"I recently put a post on our Facebook page about the correct way to do it, by taking the measurement with the tow hitch at the same height as that when the caravan is attached to the car.

"It is most important that the TBM is measured at this height, and I have a lot of data to reflect what the variations are when it is not done this way."


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