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JUNE 2021


Council endorses detailed site plans

Willow Bend caravan park to close
next year for one-step upgrade work

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WILLOW Bend Caravan Park overlooking NSW's Darling River will close next year for upgrades.

Wentworth Shire Council has decided to shut the park on January 31 after consultations with the park managers.

This was in preference to the previously anticipated two-stage approach to streamline the construction phase and cause less disruption to the business.

"With the recent announcement of grant funding from the Drought Community Extension Fund and Crown Reserve Improvement Fund, Council can now facilitate the required upgrade in a single stage approach," the council said in a statement.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of June next year.

At its May meeting, the council resolved to endorse detailed site plans of the project to enable it to advance to the tender stage.

The council has successfully delivered preliminary works including a feature survey of the site, fencing, demolition of the old residence and the replacement of the residence and office.

It has also undertaken the replacement of the old camp kitchen and an electrical upgrade to support the future expansion.

Filling has been done to protect the site up to a 1-in-20 year flood event.

Mayor Susan Nichols said she was looking forward to the upgrade's completion.

"In this COVID-19 affected era we have seen how important regional tourism will be now that international travel isn't a viable option," she said.

"By closing down the Willow Bend Caravan Park and completing the upgrade in one stage we can get the park back to full capacity sooner and welcome more visitors to stay in our shire."


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