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May 2017


Freedom camping

Freedom campers benefit local communities

Club presents facts and figures

Workshops reveal benefits RVers bring to communities

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ABOUT 40 community representatives attended RV Industry Workshops organised by the Australian Caravan Club.

And, the club said, Warialda and Bingara regions of NSW's Gwydir Shire were clearly inspired to attract more RVers.

"Our workshops are aimed at assisting local communities to understand what many RVers may be looking for when visiting and staying in a region, whether for a short or long-term stay, and what their requirements and needs might be," chairman Craig Humphrey said.

"They also present facts and figures showing the economic benefits that can be gained by a community that can attract RVers."

One of the workshop presenters was club deputy chairman Tom Smith.

The Warialda workshop had been especially inspiring, with community representatives engaged in constructive discussions following the presentation, he said.

"They started immediately working together to identify potential sites that could accommodate freedom or budget camping to entice RVers to stay in the town and support local businesses," Mr Smith explained.

"Warialda currently has a rest area about a kilometre from town which allows a 24-hour stay, plus a caravan park in the town.

"Plans are now afoot to improve another rest area near town and to develop longer-term campsites on the banks of the creek where RVers might want to camp and stay for longer periods."

Mr Smith said the feasibility and who would be responsible for maintaining the freedom camping sites were all discussed.

Further planning and discussions would be required by the local community and much ground work would have to be done.

"I am hopeful that the final result will be something that will benefit not only the Warialda community, but also RVers visiting the town," he said.

Mr Smith said he had received positive feedback from the Bingara workshop participants about the economic benefits that local businesses had received from popular freedom camping along the Gwydir River.

The facility had been voted the number one freedom camping site by a national RV magazine.

The Australian Caravan Club will hold its 2017 National Muster at Bingara in October.

"We are receiving enquiries about our RV Industry Workshops," Mr Smith said.

The club would be happy to enter into discussions with local authorities and chambers of commerce about presenting workshops in their communities.


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