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July 2017


Tents at Wyllie Park
Campers at Wyllie Park

Wyllie Park ... under review

Popular rest area under review

Wyllie Park's future in doubt

Photos and story: Dennis Amor
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THE future of a popular overnight rest area north of Brisbane remains in doubt ... again!

Moreton Bay Regional Council is planning to review its decision to reopen the Wyllie Park facility off Old Gympie Road at Petrie following complaints from local residents.

Self-contained caravans and motorhomes have been allowed to spend up to 48 hours at the site on the banks of the North Pine River for about a year, but campervans, camper trailers and tents have been prohibited.

The trial follows a decision by the former Pine Rivers Shire Council to ban overnight stays almost a decade ago after claims the park had been turned into a 'shanty town'.

Furious locals complained of lines of washing strung between trees and many caravanners and motorhomers blatantly overstaying the 48-hour limit.

The rest area was used by many travellers, particularly southerners making their way north for the winter sunshine and people with hospital appointments in Brisbane.

It was often full to overflowing.

The main target of the local residents' anger was people in tents and others sleeping in cars.

Many homeless peopel actually pitched tents under signs clearly warning they were prohibited.

But after pleas from many grey nomads over the years, the new regional council decided to reopen Wyllie Park to bona fide travellers to assess its ongoing suitability for overnight stays.

One local resident, who declined to be named, told Caravanning News that some people were again ignoring the rules by overstaying their welcome, pitching tents and leaving litter behind.

"We don't want to appear like stick-in-the-muds but we don't want a repeat of what happened last time," she said.

The park has been closed since mid-June for scheduled tree replacements, but is expected to be reopened early this month.

Moreton Bay Regional Council said the work would coincide with its review on whether Wyllie Park should remain available for overnight stays.


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