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October 2016


Zone RV's first ever slide-out model

Zone RV's first ever slide-out model

Even room for the pet dog!

Zone RV builds its first
ever slide-out model

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QUEENSLAND-based caravan manufacturer ZONE RV has released its first ever slide-out model.

The Z-20.6 Off-Road caravan harnesses the company's unique manufacturing technology, materials and processes.

With its 100 percent timberless build, it offers a true composite body, monocoque construction and exclusive
polyurethane glue bond to join the entire frameless structure.

The 800mm living-room slide-out operates with the touch of a button located on the wall at the door entrance into the caravan.

By holding down the button, it can be adjusted to stop at any point.

Once the slide-out is moved fully into position, an incredibly spacious lounge, kitchen and dining area is created to entertain guests or to simply stretch out and enjoy on your own.

Interior of Zone RV's first ever slide-out caravanIf travelling with your pet dog, there's even plenty of room for it to get comfortable too!

The triple sealing system prevents water and dust entering the caravan, essential for when travelling off-road.

As with the rest of the ZONE RV off-road range, the Z-20.6 has a purpose-built urethane raptor-coated RHS DuraGal steel chassis and independent swing arm suspension, making even the toughest terrain in Australia a breeze to glide over.

The base model also comes with Vehicle Components' Cruisemaster ATX off-road suspension and Stage 3 airbags included.

Featured in this first slide-out model is a number optional upgrades, including the Dometic generator fitted to the back of the caravan, ladder, extended L-shaped kitchen bench, roof-mounted VANSAT Bluestar automatic TV satellite system and Caravan Movers.

The 100 percent timberless cabinetry system, full ensuite with isolated shower and toilet, generous solar power and water storage and Dometic awning all come standard with the Z-20.6 Off-Road Slide-Out.

Base model price for the Z-20.6 Off-Road Slide-Out with Cruisemaster ATX off-road suspension is $128,900.

Tare weight is 2790kg, as the slide-out and suspension upgrade adds 200kg to its non-slide-out equivalent.


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