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May 2017


The 'new look' Irwins

The 'new look' Irwins

All quiet on controversial plan

No camping at zoo in foreseeable future

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THERE are no signs that caravanners and campers will be overnighting at the world-famous Australia Zoo in the near future.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council last year gave the green light for the popular tourist attraction at Beerwah in the Sunshine Coast hinterland to accommodate recreational vehicles and tents.

The nature-based plan provided for eight cabins and 100 caravan and camping sites on an adjoining site, with easy access to the zoo via a pedestrian link across Irwin Road.

But public relations manager Alex Halford has told Caravanning News: "There’s no update on our camping development at this time."

Caravanning News' Facebook page ran hot when it revealed news of Australia Zoo's plan nine months ago, reaching over 65,000 people and chalking up nearly 400 reactions, 114 shares and 54 comments.

Opinion was divided on the plan, with local caravan parks ‒ one who sold thousands of dollars worth of zoo entrance tickets every month ‒ protesting they had been kept in the dark about the development.

"I can see the zoo's point of view in wanting to allow people to stay overnight, but this could hit parks which are struggling," one owner commented.

Another described the council's decision to approve the campground plan as a "slap in the face".

Caravanner Michael Shailer thought it went against the grain.

"I am sure that Steve, God rest his soul, would have much preferred to see it expand for the protection and education of wildlife and not for a campground," he said.


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