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May 2017


Craig Kenyon: valuable resources

Craig Kenyon: valuable resources

Program focuses on capacity and capability

New set of resources aimed at WA's regional caravan parks

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WESTERN Australia's caravan industry has joined forces with Tourism Western Australia to deliver a new development initiative.

The Caravan Industry Development Initiative Program (CIDI) will focus on improving the capacity and capability of the state's caravan and camping sector.

It is a collaboration with Tourism Western Australia, Caravan Industry Association of Western Australia (CIAWA) and Breakaway Tourism.

CIAWA has over 240 members, including 120 caravan parks and 75 trades.

Chief executive Craig Kenyon said the program would provide a valuable set of resources specifically for regional caravan parks within the state.

"This important initiative is designed to address key business, workforce and developmental priorities for regional caravan parks and will identify opportunities for business improvement as well as providing a pathway to national accreditation through CIAA," he said.

Caravan parks taking part would have the opportunity to select specific elements from a suite of CIDI delivery option categories resulting in a tailored program for individual business needs.

Mr Kenyon said the program consisted of six key stages that would lead to operators making informed and responsive decisions and actions to improve their business.

"The CIDI program will deliver practical and valuable elements of skills, knowledge, awareness and collaborative opportunities to caravan and camping business owners, managers and staff," he said.

Tourism WA's chief executive Gwyn Dolphin said he was pleased to work with the industry to offer even better caravan and camping experiences in WA.

"In 2016, an estimated 1.6 million domestic and international visitors spent 7.7 million nights in caravan or camping accommodation, contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy," he said.

"Caravan and camping is an important sector of the tourism industry and this initiative will help it continue to grow by meeting the high expectations today's travellers have of tourism experiences."

The program is open to any licenced caravan park or camping ground in WA and expressions of interest in the program are now open.

Selection will be based on competitive evaluation of the EOI applications.

They can be submitted via the CIAWA website at


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