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July 2017


Lancelin sign

Lancelin: Big plans for local caravan park

'A pleasure working with the council'

Experience team ready to
hit ground running after winning Lancelin bid

By Dennis Amor
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GINGIN Shire Council in WA has decided that Experience Holiday Parks will redevelop Lancelin Camping and Caravan Park.

The people behind the company ‒ Reginald and Donna Cocking, and Christopher and Ornella Sialtsis ‒ say they will spend $7.5 million over five years to transform the small coastal town park, 130km north of Perth, into a high quality holiday destination.

They already manage Central Caravan Park at Ascot and the Mandurah Caravan and Tourist Park.

The council has recommended that the company take over interim management of the existing park whilst lease negotiations continue.

It says the shire is preparing a business plan and is also seeking permission from the Minister for Lands to enable a 21-year lease, with a 21-year option to renew.

"Work on Phase 1 of the redevelopment is expected to commence in early 2018 provided the relative approvals are granted," the council said.

In a news release, Experience Holiday Parks said the planned staged redevelopment would include a nautical themed playground, the largest jumping pillow in WA, Australia's first caravan park express check-in facility and the only solar heated, fully enclosed, 25m swimming pool along the coast from Perth to Geraldton.

"These new facilities will ensure year-round protection from the 'windy' elements that sometimes preclude longer stays in the area," Mr Cocking explained.

"They will encourage and support other business start-ups which can maximise the extended visitor stays, which is a win/win for the region."

Experience Holiday Parks said the regional area had been virtually untapped for its natural amenity and family-based attractions.

Four-wheel-driving, surfing, sandboarding and fishing tours would promote the local area, with the caravan park accommodating travellers in luxury-style one, two and three-bedroom cabins.

Lock-up secure facilities for equipment and vehicle storage would be provided.

Experience Holiday Parks director Chris Sialtsis said it had been "a pleasure" working closely with council officials.

"It's a welcome relief to find a local government proactively fostering business activity and investment," he said.

"The Shire of Gingin should be congratulated for its guidance and support for the development of our design concept plan and we look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship."

The Experience team hoped final approval by State Government departments would not hold them back because they were "ready to hit the ground running".


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